Commit 942069e0 authored by Jordan Eckhoff's avatar Jordan Eckhoff

Fixed a repeated type on that was throwing errors about the place

Long story short, I forgot to update Sequence_Translate to Sequence_Forward_Translate when I changed its name as such in
parent cd2f5f19
......@@ -32,25 +32,25 @@ for a in range(0,len(Sequences)):
Sequences[a].Seq + '\n',
Sequences[a].CodeType + '\n')
W = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Translate(Sequences[0],1,'Protein')
W = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Forward_Translate(Sequences[0],1,'Protein')
print(W.Meta + '\n',
W.Seq + '\n',
W.CodeType + '\n')
X = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Translate(Sequences[1],1,'Protein')
X = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Forward_Translate(Sequences[1],1,'Protein')
print(X.Meta + '\n',
X.Seq + '\n',
X.CodeType + '\n')
Y = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Translate(Sequences[2],1,'Protein')
Y = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Forward_Translate(Sequences[2],1,'Protein')
print(Y.Meta + '\n',
Y.Seq + '\n',
Y.CodeType + '\n')
Z = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Translate(Sequences[3],1,'Protein')
Z = IS_Fasta_Sequence.Sequence_Forward_Translate(Sequences[3],1,'Protein')
print(Z.Meta + '\n',
Z.Seq + '\n',
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