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Lipid Effects & Rafts Modelling. This is a General Cellular Module of the GUESS.
It is focussed on working out the roles of lipids and their aggregated forms in
cellular processes when fed specific parameters.
Lipids are the major part of a cell surface membrane and all of the interior
membranes for the various compartments of a cell. They also form viral
envelopes when viruses replicate, and/or in the process of viral infection.
Their impacts on electrical charge propagation and gradients (see Electrical
Signalling), concentration gradients and proteinaceous distribution (see
HIP_DAME) in these membranes are of high importance. Such distribution and the
hydrophobicity of the lipids affects the movement of cells and the strength of
cytoskeletal anchors (see TentPoles module).
Here, computational modelling could borrow from plate tectonics modelling,
along with surface tension, colloid physics and emulsion density simulations.
Models are already shown in Youtube videos which predict the spontaneous
assembly of membranes from random lipid, hydrophobic, hydrophillic and water
molecule mixtures (citation please).
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