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Nano-transmission technologies are evolving at an appropriate pace. and
seem to be indicative that given enough time, appropriately small nano-devices
will be constructible from readily available materials and operable using either
energy harvested from the body or from an external input such as the wireless
data transmission itself.
To nano-engineer the vectors themselves such that they may self-replicate from
available material (and so that they may be described as '4D'), DNA Origami is
a suitable method and a course in its implementation is available online from and 'Academany' videos on Vimeo.
Thanks to Elliot Roth, Spira Inc. for the heads-up on that.
Our vectors need to take a multi-compartmental approach: ROVERS, to be described
more in the wiki, aims to put together a comprehensive subsystem of compartment
based genetic payload sequential releases for the correct preparation and
transformation of cells in vivo.
The first compartments will contain the ingredients for VAGUE, the Organised App
by which our vectors will amplify in the body. Note that such amplification MUST
at all costs be self-limiting, to avoid the Grey Goo Scenario.
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